Sprout: a 16mm surf flick : Directed by Thomas Campbell

The surf movie is a hallowed tradition among enthusiasts. Not unlike the ski flick, it is used to get the juices flowing while exciting our inner cravings for liquid. It preys upon our ability to float, glide, slide and ride the substance that sustains life.

You cannot talk about surf films without mentioning Bruce Brown. His film The Endless Summer (1966) set the bar that all surf films should be measured. There are major needs a surf film should cover to properly represent the art of surfing. Incredible surfers and surfing are only part of the equation needed to equal film success. A quintessential surf film must not only include the exotic destinations, but the funny quirks that occur along the way. Lastly, but perhaps the most important, is a killer soundtrack. The music touches us on a level our eyes cannot. That level helps to solidify an atmosphere that places us, the viewer, on those waves around the world.

Thomas Campbell

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