The Vaccines: Come of Age


The Vaccines, one of the UK’s most buzzed about rock bands of the last few years just released their sophomore album, Come of Age on Columbia records.  The record debuted at #1 in England as that provincial land loves to push its native lads to the top of the pops fast, brash, and loud.

 The band carries a distinctly British smart-ass and laconic sensibility that mashes influences of 50’s rockabilly and 80s post-punk with solid pop craftsmanship. The first single, “Teenage Icon” is a near perfect slice of this mix up with a chanted chorus that beefs up the track. The best of Come of Age, tracks like “No Hope”, “I Always Knew”, and “Change of Heart part 2” mimic the sound of their massively catchy debut, What Did you Expect from the Vaccines? The band does attempt to thicken their sound with heavier guitars here, bringing in more of an American feeling with Social Distortion style guitars on “Ghost Town” and by invoking Weezer on “Weirdo”.

There isn’t anything here that you haven’t heard before which is a little disappointing giving the blistering strength of the debut. While the band sounds like it has some thoughts about broadening its palette, they also recognize what they do best. This is catchy rock n’ roll played with an attitude that may be a bit more put on then is necessary. Nonetheless, the knack for writing hooks is there and but this sophomore effort isn’t a strong as the debut.

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