The White Wires: WWIII


The Canadian garage rock trio The White Wires may have titled their newest disk on Dirtnap Records WWIII but they aren’t angling to blow up the world, just pump out a few catchy tunes. No frills and to the point (almost to a fault)  Ian Manhire sings about meeting lovers at the traffic stop, and rocking memories on the bouncy “It’s Been A While” as bassist Luke Martin adds a fuzz tone for “Please Write”.  There are numerous splashes of Phil Spector on lots of tracks but specifically “The Magic” and “I’ll Remember You”.  “I’ll Give You Everything” is a sunshine filled summer jam with driving drums from Allie Hannon while “Let’s Start Over Again” and “Same Old Story” are populated by a big choruses.  


The bands sound and tone is reminiscent of a less wordy version of The Weakerthans in their style of making things seem happy even when singing about a “black spot in your heart”.  There is no new ground broken by The White Wires on WWIII, but the songs are pleasant if firmly one note romps with solid production behind the garage band aesthetic.    

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