The Cave Singers: Naomi

Between the steady, slightly scratchy vocals of Pete Quirk, the generally upbeat songs and the lyrics which traverse an emotional landscape that’s as broad as the Asian landscape, the latest release from The Cave Singers is an all around compelling effort.

The band shines a light on topics as grandiose as the notion of God (“Canopy”), but also zeroes in on simple pleasures in the appropriately titled “Karen’s Car.” On “Easy Way,” the band sings about freeing yourself from worries which ruin the quality of your life, and do so to a driving pop rock track that will make you want to dance with joy. The funky Americana number “No Tomorrows” reminds listeners about the temporary nature of life while encouraging you to live life to the fullest, and on the groovy rock number, “Have to Pretend,” Quirk channels a bit of Richard Ashcroft, vocally, as he sings to his lover.

Naomi is a solid release that ventures into a number of musical and emotional territories. Quirk and his bandmates deftly play rock, Americana, folk and funk throughout with the skill of musicians who have been doing this for decades. They even show off their variety within the song “Northern Lights,” as the track starts off as an acoustic ballad for blasting into a more epic rock sound for the second half of the song.

You never know what you’re going to get from The Cave Singers on Naomi, and you certainly don’t get the same thing twice, which is part of what makes this album such a great trip. Its lyrical and musical twists and turns will keep you engaged throughout.

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