ON AN ON Refuse To Give In: A Look At This Great Young Band

Indie upstart ON AN ON showcase a fresh, youthful sound that is invigorated by the close communication of three band members who are intimately aware of each others’ sonic involvement. Alissa Ricci, Ryne Estwing and Nate Eiesland comprise ON AN ON, but they may be more familiar to others as previous members of the band Scattered Trees. But don’t let that fool you- this new band has plenty things to say and new journeys to explore.

Here’s an in-depth look at this group that is a definite must-watch band for 2013.

You’ve played together often in the last decade, especially in the band Scattered Trees. What made you want to put together ON AN ON, though? How did that conversation come about?

We could’ve kept Scattered Trees alive by regrouping with new members, but we wouldn’t have been satisfied. Building something from the ground up was paramount to the three of us asserting our new direction creatively. The long history of Scattered Trees would’ve held us back from all that we wanted to do. The risk and the freedom of starting a new band was really enticing to us, so the decision was clear.

How do you handle writing, since there’s three of you in the group?

Usually someone will bring a strong idea initially. From there we start piecing things together, tearing it apart, and rebuilding it again until we love it. Our individual processes complement one another well. We finish all the songs together.

How did you choose a producer for Give In? You ended up going with Dave Newfeld- what excited you about working with him? How did that go in the studio?

We love Dave. He was at the top of our list of people we wanted to work with. So, when he said he wanted to do the record we couldn’t have been happier. The atmosphere he created was perfect for us as a new band. There was a lot of one on one time. That gave us the chance to get our footing individually within the group. Then there was a lot of writing together as well. So, the band was galvanized as a fresh creative entity with a new dynamic and soul of its own.

What were you trying to accomplish with Give In? Did you have a game plan that evolved once you were in the studio?

We were trying to create something with a sense of humanity. In the past it felt like we were just executing sounds methodically. We wanted to spend time exploring the art we were making and capture that discovery on tape. We wanted to work with flaws and accidents and to not be afraid of anything. Our goal was to operate on creative instinct.

What’s it been like to play these songs live? Have they changed a lot since you lay them down on tape?

It’s been exciting to re-approach the songs in a live context. We were all surprised at how quickly the sound came together. We thought it would take a long time, but it felt great from the start and evolved naturally. All the moods of the album are there, but the live experience has a life of its own. It’s interesting to explore the difference between the headphone experience and the live concert. Some things that hit hard on record don’t have the same impact live. So, it’s a balancing act between wanting to meet the expectations you establish by putting a record out, and wanting to exceed them by giving an audience something unique and alive.

What’s one thing about ON AN ON that the casual listener might not know about you?

We are fueled almost entirely by Mexican food.

Any particularly hilarious/weird stories from the road yet?

 We’ve invented some noteworthy van games. Although, we can’t divulge too many details since even the G-rated versions would make sailors blush.

What’s on the docket for the rest of 2013? Where can audiences find you over the next year?

We’ll be touring our asses off. Stay in touch and it won’t be hard to catch a show. We’ve been playing all over the world and don’t plan on stopping. There’ll be plenty of time to sleep when we’re dead right?

More information about ON AN ON can be found at the official website. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to not miss any updates, and check them out on tour throughout the rest of 2013.

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