Jessica Campbell: The Anchor & The Sail


The latest release finds Jessica Campbell using her beautiful vocals to compliment the country, folk, Americana and pop sounds that accompany the album’s ten tracks, and she does so in a way that is engaging. Campbell’s presence is enough to elevate the album’s largely familiar subject matter and turn it into something more memorable than it would be in the hands of a lesser performer.

Swelling country pop numbers like “Don’t Call Me” are ready-made for the radio with their impassioned vocals and lyrics about a woman trying to resist the advances of a man who has already broken her heart, while the title track is that prototypical song where metaphors perfectly embody the state of a relationship in distress. Songs like “Sunnyside” and “Be You” thankfully offset some of the somberness of the album and shine some light and fun onto the record, and the closer, “Doors,” uses some interesting imagery to combine the notions of love and home in a way that will get your attention.

Campbell has made a record that is high on passion and emotion, and she gladly wears her heart on her sleeve throughout most of the album. Campbell does enough with these songs to help them rise above standard country pop rock fare and when she sings you can’t help but ache, smile, cry or sing along with her.


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