Two Hours Traffic: Foolish Blood


Echoing “Woo-Who-Who’s” begin “Magic,” the first song on Two Hours Traffic newest release Foolish Blood and no better introduction could be had. The album is chock full of engaging pop rock that simply wants to shimmer and sound good coming out of your speakers on the beach during a pleasant summer afternoon.

The Canadian quartet teamed up with Darryl Neudorf to produce, and the result is a great balance of clean/fuzzy instrumentation that augments the love struck lyrics excellently.  “Amour Than Amis” injects a bit of 80’s new wave into the album while “Last Star” could be the closing song in a John Hughes film.

Two Hours Traffic is content slurping soda-pop love songs, keeping things short, upbeat and sweet.  Tracks like “Meaning Of Love, “Faster 4 U” and “I Don’t Want 2 Want U” have a 50’s style simplicity in their sock-hop styling, recalling a past era but still sounding genuine and sunshiny.

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