Gathering Of The Vibes: Indian Lookout CC, Mariaville NY 8/12-14/2005


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that there were some glitches entering the event. There were some delays getting into the venue, and I’m sure the wait to enter varied, with some people having more trouble than others did. We arrived at nine AM and it took four hours to get our vehicle searched and proceed to the campground (a small price to pay to be able to park where you camp, if you ask me). From my viewpoint, things began to move much more quickly about the same time people were beginning to lose patience. I hope that what happened to me happened to others, which is once I got my tent up and got to the concert field thoughts of waits and traffic snarls quickly dissipated as the music and the vibe sucked me in. The big reason for the fast dissipation was the bang-up job Terrapin Presents did keeping the music rolling constantly. The alternating stages were coordinated nicely as hardened fans of music could experience every note if they did not mind the short walk between the Main Stage and the smaller Jam Stage. All the staff and volunteers I met were quite helpful.

I got to the concert field sometime during The Zen Tricksters set, and right away, the cool vibe rolling off the stage was setting the tone for the weekend. The Tricksters were a great band to kick-off the main stage for a festival that was a tribute to Jerry Garcia. Donna Jean Godchaux and Depth Quartet

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