Tony Levin Band / Jim Weider Band 9/01/2005: Keegan Ale

Keegan Ales celebrated their second year of brewing fine ale by hosting a concert with two exceptional bands, in of all places, right in the brewery. The stage was set amongst the kegs, sacks of hops and barley, and other things, but the sound was surprisingly good considering the venue was essentially warehouse space with brewing equipment.

The Tony Levin Band was first, with the impressive Jesse Gress (Todd Rundgren, Jim Weider Band) on guitar and vocals, Larry Fast (Peter Gabriel, Synergy) on synths, Jerry Morratta (Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney) on drums and vocals, Peter Levin (Paul Simon, Gil Evans) on keyboards and vocals, and of course, Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson) on bass, Chapman stick and vocals. The set began with an amusing barbershop quartet song welcoming the audience to the show and as they announced that it was okay to take photos in harmony, the band took out cameras and snapped a shot of the audience. Mixing it up with older, newer and material the group has recorded and performed with other bands, we were treated to a soaring version of

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