Phish Worcester Snow Update / Phish to Headline Hangout Festival?

Tomorrow evening at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA, HT faves Phish are scheduled to start a five-show New Year’s Run. A major snowstorm involving blizzard conditions is wreaking havoc on the Northeast today with total snow accumulation predicted at 12 to 18 inches by show time. As of now, the show is still on according to a note on the venue’s website. Keep your eyes on Hidden Track and for further updates.

If the show goes on as planned, how will the snow affect the group’s performance? Phish concerts held during snow storms include the famed New Year’s Run in 1993 (12/28-31/1993), the Albany show that gave us the “Albany YEM (12/09/1995),” the Binghamton gig that was the first Live Phish release (12/14/1995), a Poughkeepsie performance that featured Harpua (2/12/1993) and the evening in Rochester when the quartet’s cover of Ween’s Roses Are Free was debuted (12/11/1997) – not a bad track record.

In other Phish news, guitarist Justin Hasting of Mississippi-based jamtronica act Zoogma was recently interviewed for a Lost In Sound profile on the band and revealed that “Phish will likely be headlining” the 2011 edition of the Hangout Music Festival. While Hasting doesn’t offer any more information on the booking – which would be a boon for the up-and-coming event that was headlined by Trey Anastasio and Classic TAB back in May – he does drop the news that Zoogma is on the bill, leading us to believe he just might know what he’s talking about. Of course, nothing is official until the event announces its lineup next month. The Hangout Music Festival will take place in Gulf Shores, AL from May 20-22. [via @Subtle_Sounds]

UPDATE 12/27: The show will go on as scheduled tonight.

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  1. Last years Hangout Fest reviews were horrible. I believe under 2k people were in attendance. I find it very hard to believe that the event will have Phish as a headliner. However I suppose the fest could have an investor with enough faith in the event to back it for a second year. Hatd to believe with last years results but I guess it could happen. How long has it been since Phish played in Alabama?

  2. What about Charlottesville last year? It wasn’t a blizzard but definitely qualified as a snow storm! Had a great time in the lot despite the chill, run like a naked guy!

  3. Lauren, I was at last year’s hangout. I am not sure what the reviews said but it was awesome. I enjoyed every minute as did everyone else I went with and talked to down there. There were far more than 2 thousand in attendance. Down there, I heard 12,000 but I don’t think it was quite that many. I would love to go back but to be honest, I think Phish is too big for the venue.

  4. This is Justin from Zoogma, all the info I’ve gathered is NOT confirmed, I didn’t mean for the article to come across like that and had requested it to be changed after it was published but that’s hard to do I understand. So to be completely honest it’s anyones guess, I had just heard it randomly. Also there is a small chance we will not be playing the Hang Out fest due to scheduling conflicts, but we will update everyone, and I’m sure the festival promoters will too, sorry to confuse anyone, many apologeez!

  5. I really enjoyed Hangout Fest last year, it was GREAT! The stage setups were done well, all the bands I saw put on great shows. I’ve read there were about 15k people per day in attendance, it was very successful for a first try! I’d LOVE to see Phish there; alternatively, The Wharf Amphitheatre in Orange Beach would be a great venue for Phish to play. The last time Phish played in Alabama was 10-28-99 Oak Mtn.Amphitheatre in Pelham (outside of B’ham) 🙂

  6. phish will play phish only festivals. 7-4-2011 7-4-2011 7-4-2011 7-4-2011 7-4-2011 7-4-2011 7-4-2011 and a tree of knowledge in your soul will grow

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