Dubconscious: Positive Vibrations

It has been nearly four years since dub reggae collective Dubconscious began spreading its bass-tempered sound around the Athens, GA music scene. Since then, that sound has grown louder, and it will soon resonate across the country. In 2003, the band released its debut offering, Word of Life, which received ample response and exposed the rootsy foundation from which the band’s live forays grow. Two years later, the group followed up with The American Dream, a sprawling, 21-song collection bolstered by intoxicating dub, socially conscious lyrics, and a feel-good vibe that has made the band a hit on the club scene across the southeast. This summer, Dubconscious will spread its wings, boarding its biodiesel-fueled tour bus and embarking on a tour that will deliver its first performances on the west coast, including The High Sierra Music Festival and a show in Taos, New Mexico, where the band will play on a solar powered stage. They

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