Ween’s Newest Release Titled Quebec

Ween’s highly anticipated next studio album will be called “quebec,” but guitarist Dean Ween (real name: Mickey Melchiondo) says a few wrinkles still have to be ironed out before the 16-song set sees the light of day. “I can’t give you a definitive release date right now,” he wrote on the band’s official Web site. “We were in negotiations with a record label and things fell apart, setting us back even further.”

“I have no idea how this will affect our summer touring plans just yet as we planned on having the record out by June at the latest. It is still possible that this may happen,” he continued. “As for the record itself, it is heavy, dark, psychedelic and musically intricate at times, and musically really f***ing cheap at times as well. All and all it’s a great record that we put a lot of time and love into and it was produced by Andrew Weiss, mostly recorded in his living room.”

Source Billboard.com.

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