Pearl Jam Leaves Epic Records

Pearl Jam has quietly confirmed reports that it’s no longer on Epic Records. In the Q&A section of the latest Pearl Jam Rumour Pit, the band’s official online newsletter, the question “Have Pearl Jam left their record company yet?” is answered by a simple “Yes.” Neither the band’s management nor Epic–Pearl Jam’s home since its debut album in 1991–are making official comments on the matter.

Prior to the start of Pearl Jam’s North American tour, bassist Jeff Ament expressed the band’s dissatisfaction with Epic and its parent company, Sony Music. “Our record company’s in shambles right now, so we’re (chuckles), we’re gonna wait for the label to get their sh-t together before we put anything else out,” Ament said. “It might be the sort of thing where, 10 years or 12 years, it’s kind of run its course a little bit. I mean, the good thing is that we have nothing but time right now, so we can enjoy our free agency.”


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