Pearl Jam To Play Extra Set At Tweeter

Pearl Jam will play an extra hour-long set prior to opening act Sleater-Kinney at its show Friday (July 11) outside Boston. It’s the third of three non-consecutive performances at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, Mass., during which Pearl Jam is attempting to play each of the nearly 100 songs in its current repertoire without repeats.

At the first two shows last week, the Eddie Vedder-led group was restricted to a total of 50 songs due to an area noise curfew. According to a source, the additional Friday set will likely be a more stripped-down affair than usual, potentially allowing for revamped versions of rarely played tracks from Pearl Jam’s vast back catalog.

Doors to the venue will open at 5:30 pm ET, with Pearl Jam taking the stage at 6:30. Sleater-Kinney will play at 7:30, and Pearl Jam will return for its usual full set around 8:45. The two groups perform tonight at New York’s Madison Square Garden.


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