Ween Hits The World In Support of Quebec

Ween will be out on their first world tour in three years in support of their upcoming 15 track album “Quebec.” The band will be hauling through parts of the midwest, into the northeast, and back down the east coast until they reach the northeast again in mid-August. Ween then plans on touring America extensively thru the winter of this year (probably 4 tours of 3-4 weeks). The band will also be planning a number of in-store concerts and quite a few live webcasts of select shows on their new Ween Amp system which is a piece of software that will connect you with one click to weenradio, ween.com, the ween forum, the ween irc chat channel, and a peer to peer file trading program that will enable the listener to download the concert you saw the night before.

For more information on everything Ween, visit Ween.com.

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