Dave Matthews Solo Album – Very Personal

Dave Matthews mentions his recently completed solo debut reveals a side of the singer/songwriter that his fans have not yet seen. Matthews says “Some Devil,” due in September on RCA, includes some of his most introspective material to date. “This was very, very, very, very personal,” he says. “It was a good soul-searching thing for me to do. I think the songs are more introspective in many ways.”

The album features an as-yet-untitled track co-written by Matthews and Phish’s Trey Anastasio, who also adds guitar work to the record. Steve Harris, who produced Dave Matthews Band’s last studio effort, “Busted Stuff,” played on “Some Devil” and co-wrote and arranged some of the songs with Matthews.

Matthews says there’s really no comparison between the songs on “Some Devil” and those on his band efforts. And as the album nears release, he says that he’s excited, but he is being cautious not to get his hopes up: “Like most of what I’ve done, it’s done, and so now I just move on from it. I’m excited, I hope people like it, but I try not to get too excited because what if everyone f***in’ hates it? Then I can let it go like an empty beer can. That’s the way I look at it now: My part in it is done, and I hope people like it. But in case they don’t, I’m gonna try not to invest too much in it that I might be disappointed.”

Source Billboard.com.

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