Rush Returns With Three Disc Live Set

Veteran Canadian rock trio Rush will release the triple-disc live album and double-disc DVD “Rush in Rio” in September via Anthem/Atlantic. The label is eyeing a Sept. 23 release for the sets, although the release date for the DVD may move.

“Rush in Rio” was recorded last Nov. 23 on the last show of the band’s Vapor Trails tour. The disc features 28 songs, ranging from staples such as “Tom Sawyer,” “Limelight,” “The Spirit of Radio” and “YYZ” to newer album cuts like “One Little Victory,” “Earthshine” and “Secret Touch.” Said bassist Geddy Lee on his official Web site, “It was quite an evening with another incredible crowd and we managed pull off a pretty darn good performance to boot.”

The DVD version of “Rush in Rio” includes all 28 songs from the CD, augmented with a documentary with footage from other shows in the Brazilian cities Porte Allegre and Sao Paolo. Fans will be able to view the action from multiple cameras, and, according to Lee, will be treated to “extra stuff like pictures of Big Al [guitarist Alex Lifeson] at home in his pajamas and some other unusual things hidden in there somewhere.”

Rush has been inactive since the end of its last tour, but will regroup Wednesday (July 30) to play the Molson Canadian Rocks for Toronto benefit, alongside the Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Justin Timberlake.


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