Attell and Black – Comedy Central Live

Stand-up comedians and Comedy Central stars Lewis Black and Dave Attell are co-headlining a big tour set to launch September 10 in Dallas.

“Comedy Central Live Starring Lewis Black and Dave Attell” finds the two funnymen taking their special brand of comedy to theatres across the States for the rest of the year.

Black and Attell will alternate the order of their performances and a special guest will perform as the opening act.

Along with hosting Pollstar’s Concert Industry Awards earlier this year, Black is featured every Wednesday on Comedy Central’s hugely popular mock newscast “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.”

Attell is the star of the network’s “Insomniac With Dave Attell,” which features weird late-night goings-on and the people who partake of them.

Meanwhile, both guys have a few shows of their own. Black has a two-night run in Atlantic City and four shows at The Improv in Southern California, while Attell’s schedule includes three-night runs in Tampa and Raleigh, N.C.

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