Woody Harrelson To Hold Giant Yoga Party

Academy award-winning actor Woody Harrelson will channel his karmic energy into what he hopes will turn out to be the largest outdoor yoga class in the world — and all are welcome to participate, rain or shine.

Harrelson, in Toronto to promote the film “Go Further” by director-producer Ron Mann, will join fellow cast members for a 90-minute outdoor yoga session on the University of Toronto campus on Sunday morning.

Organizers are expecting between 500 to 1,000 people to attend.

The former self proclaimed enthusiast of drugs and alcohol tuned into the organic lifestyle for the film as he cycled from Seattle to Los Angeles on a spiritual journey, extolling the virtues of an ecologically sound life.

The film chronicles the eco-friendly antics of Harrelson and friends as they traverse the U.S. west coast. “It’s kind of a free for all,” said Catherine Fawcett of Harrelson’s publicity group, FLIP Publicity & Promotions Inc.

Participants are urged to bike, walk or take transit to the university as “the air will be nicer to breathe,” the press release said.

“In the film, which follows Woody down the Pacific Coast highway, he stopped at campuses to speak about sustainable organic living and more often than not, impromptu yoga classes happened at these campuses,” said Debbie Rix of Flip.

Harrelson, whose acting credits include playing a daft bartender in the television series “Cheers” and the movie “Natural Born Killers” is also a fierce activist of legalizing marijuana.

Source CNN.com.

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