Moby’s Voodoo Child Set For New Release

Moby has reactivated his Voodoo Child alter ego for the album “Baby Monkey,” due Jan. 27 via V2. The 12-track set is the seven-years-in-the-making follow-up to Voodoo Child’s lone full-length, 1996’s “The End of Everything.”

Moby says he was inspired to unearth Voodoo Child after attending an underground dance party in Glasgow last winter. “The DJ’s were playing hard, sexy, straightforward dance music, and it was perfect,” he says. “I was reminded of just how much I love hard, sexy, straightforward dance music, and when I arrived home the next day I decided to make a simple, straightforward dance record. Not an experimental record, not an avant-garde record, but a straightforward, underground, electronic dance record.”

A 12-inch vinyl single for “Light in Your Eyes” b/w “Electronic” will be available Tuesday (Nov. 11), with a single for “Take It Home” b/w “Strings” to follow in December.

Also on the horizon is “18 B-Sides & DVD,” due Nov. 18 from V2. The release combines an audio disc of B-sides from last year’s “18” album along with four new songs, while the DVD features the videos from that set.


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