Space Invaders -Stand Alone Game Returns

Japanese game machine maker Taito Corp said on Friday it plans to restart sales of “Space Invaders” in the United States, almost 25 years after the game first appeared in video arcades.

The classic arcade game centers on a fleet of invading aliens looking to take over earth, but they must first deal with a lone gunner — the player — holed up behind a fragile set of shields.

It has been one of the most popular video games of all time since it was developed in 1978.

“There has been a rebirth of classic video games in America,” said Taito spokesman Kengo Naka. “We thought it would coincide nicely with the 25th anniversary of its debut in the U.S.”

Taito aims to sell 10,000 of the stand-alone game machines at 300,000 yen (U.S. $2,772) a unit.

While the game will not change in this latest offering, inflation has taken its toll. One play will now cost 50 cents, compared with 25 cents a generation ago.


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