Pearl Jam,Phish-Make ’03Top Live Earners

Fans shelled out $115.9 million to “come on up for the rising,” making Bruce Springsteen the number one concert draw in North America in 2003.

Springsteen and the E Street Band played 47 concerts, including 13 stadium shows in the New York area alone, making New Jersey’s favorite son one of the biggest money-makers in concert history, second only to The Rolling Stones’ 1994 total of $121.2 million. This year, Mick and the boys pulled in $38.5 million in North America, ranking the original bad boys of rock & roll in the 14th position.

Pollstar editor-in-chief Gary Bongiovanni predicted 2003 will be the fourth record-setting year in a row with around $2.4 billion in concert business, mostly because fans have become accustomed to higher ticket prices for big-name acts.

Four acts in Pollstar’s top 10 earners for the year – Celine Dion, the Eagles, Simon & Garfunkel and the Billy Joel-Elton John double bill – charged more than $100 per ticket, on average.

Among those raking in the loot:

Celine Dion finished second to Springsteen, earning $80.5 million for a one-city, 145-date “tour”: her residency at a Las Vegas casino.

“If you’re wondering why Elton John is considering camping there for a while – that’s why,” Bongiovanni said. “You can make a lot of money and you don’t have to travel.”

Country had five of the top 20 tours for 2003, with Kenny Chesney’s $35.76 ducats the lowest ticket price of all the tours that placed in the top 20. The Dixie Chicks, despite being dogged by controversy over a remark made about President Bush, had the most lucrative country tour of all time with a $60.5 million total.

Other acts in Pollstar’s top 20 for 2003 include Phish, Tim McGraw, Fleetwood Mac, and Pearl Jam.

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