Meat Puppets’ Cris Kirkwood Shot

Meat Puppets bass player Cris Kirkwood was shot Friday by a security guard at a post office in downtown Phoenix, according to reports. Kirkwood underwent surgery for an abdominal wound at a local hospital and was listed in critical condition over the weekend.

Witnesses said Kirkwood got into an argument with a woman when they both tried to pull into the same parking spot. When Kirkwood continued to shout obscenities at the woman on the way into the post office, she reported him to the building’s security guard, who asked Kirkwood to leave the premises.

Back in the parking lot, Kirkwood reportedly refused to leave. When the guard took out his baton, Kirkwood grabbed it and struck him in the head. In self-defense, the guard then took out his gun and shot Kirkwood.

One of the most influential acts of the 1980s, the Meat Puppets soared to worldwide prominence during the modern rock revolution thanks to the 1994 album “Too High To Die” and an appearance on Nirvana’s legendary “MTV Unplugged” episode. The group was led by Kirkwood and his guitarist brother Curt.

Cris Kirkwood has reportedly battled substance abuse in the years since, and did not participate in the group’s last album, 2000’s “Golden Lies.”


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