Cake In The Studio – New Album Due This Summer

Cake is curently recording in its home studio in Sacramento without any outside production help. Lead singer John McCrea says the experience has offered the band more opportunities to experiment with new sounds and not feel pressured to create. “This time we’re actually rolling up our sleeves and doing everything,” McCrea says. “Practically speaking it means that we can go into the studio whenever we feel like it and work, so I think it’s actually a really great unencumbered feeling after all these years of having to book studio time.”

McCrea says that having its own studio has also allowed the band to work more cohesively. “I think the band is becoming more of a band and less of a songwriter with some musicians,” he says. “It’s more a band of musicians that are all really creative and part of the process.”

Earlier this year, Cake took a few breaks from the still-untitled record to perform a few of the eleven new tracks at secret shows around northern California. “People are singing along to certain songs without ever really having heard them before,” McCrea says. “There’s a particularly sort of chorus-worthy song called ‘No Phone’ and people are signing along to that and throwing their cell phones onto the stage.

Other new songs include “Wheels” and “Take It All Away.” Fans can expect Cake’s trademark wit and its eclectic sound on the album which McCrea says is “more connected to traditional songwriting.” “I think this album has nothing to do with the last couple years of music,” he adds. “We’ve always existed outside of larger trends. We’ve never had the luxury of being involved in that.”


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