Tribute Concert and Documentary Film Planned for Moog Inventor

The Progressive rock icons Keith Emerson (Emerson, Lake & Palmer) and Rick Wakeman (Yes) and funk legend Bernie Worrell will be among the artists on hand for an upcoming celebration of Robert Moog in New York. Set for May 18 at B.B. King’s in Times Square, the event will also boast performances by DJ Logic, Particle’s Steve Molitz and the NYC Reggae Collective, among others. Tickets priced at $45 are available through Ticketmaster.

Moog began experimenting with music in the early 1950s, building theremins and developing electronic instruments while studying engineering physics. He unveiled the Moog Modular synthesizer at the Audio Engineering Society Convention in 1964. The more common and smaller Minimoog was introduced in 1970 and became a staple of the prog rock movement.

The inventor’s accomplishments are also celebrated in writer/director Hans Fjellestad’s documentary “Moog.” The film features interviews with Moog as well as the musicians who have come to worship him as a cult hero. The Plexifilm-distributed feature, which features original music by Stereolab, the Neptunes, Worrell, Devo and others, will is slated for a limited summer U.S. theatrical run.


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