First Post-Crowes Album From Rich Robinson Due This Summer

More than two years have passed since Rich and Chris Robinson grounded the Black Crowes after six albums and the better part of two decades. Chris was out of the gate first with a solo record in 2002, and out of the gate second too, as his next album, This Magnificent Distance, is due in June. Rich Robinson’s next phase has been a bit longer coming, as his band Hookah Brown derailed in May 2003 due to financial disagreements, just months after assembling. But the younger Robinson sib has decided to go it alone and is mixing twenty-two songs at New York’s Hit Factory studio, some of which will appear on his own solo debut this summer.

Robinson hasn’t settled on a title or even a format yet — the batch of songs could be whittled down to a single CD, two separate discs or a double — but the new tunes find Robinson untethered in the realm of epic rock, with some of the Crowesy Seventies-inspired riffing, flourishes of country, a bit of honkin’ on the blues and anything else the guitarist sees fit.

Visit to read more in detail about this upcoming release.

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