Mistrial In Beanie Sigel Murder Case

After five long days of deliberations, a jury of seven women and five men just couldn’t call it, leaving the judge in Beanie Sigel’s murder case with no option but to declare a mistrial.

“He walked in innocent and he walked out an innocent man,” said Defense attorney Fortunato Perri Jr outside of the courthouse on Tuesday evening. Perri believes his case was won because of the overall “quality” of the witnesses and discrepancies in their testimonies. The victim, Terrance Speller, originally told investigators he couldn’t identify the gunman but later fingered Sigel and argued he and another witness lied because they “feared for themselves and their families.”

Prosecutors have declared they will retry the case with the same jury if possible.

Meanwhile, Sigel remains free on $150,000 bail but is facing a sentencing in July on federal gun charges. Sigel can face between three and eleven years in prison on these charges, for which he entered a guilty plea agreement two weeks ago.

Source SOHH.com.

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