Two New Records and Movie Due Next Year For Outkast

Amid widespread (and roundly denied) rumors of an impending breakup, Atlanta hip-hop superstars Outkast are declaring that the next year will be their busiest yet. As everyone who isn’t currently dead or comatose knows, the two last worked on semi-separate “solo” albums, which were packaged together and released in 2003 as Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. Since then, Big Boi, the less flamboyant of the duo has played several solo dates, including Atlanta’s massive annual Music Midtown Festival. However, he maintains that big things are coming up for Outkast as a functioning band.

First up is a new album due out in November. According to an MTV interview with Big Boi, the album is “gonna be a hardcore album, me and Dre letting Organized Noize produce the whole album. I can’t give you the title of it yet, but it’s coming together nicely.” Then, in May of next year, the duo will star together in a new movie, which will also feature a soundtrack by Outkast. This film is not the already announced starring vehicle for Andre 3000 based on the song “Love Hater” from The Love Below, but rather a prohibition-era story featuring Dre as the son of a mortician and Big Boi as a club owner.

Regarding the soundtrack, Big Boi told MTV, “It’s gonna be all brand new songs, me and Dre on one CD together.” And if you’re wondering what the film will be about (and I think we both know that you are), “It’s going to be a lot of action, adventure, romance,” “reveals” Boi.


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