The Source Fined For Publishing Eminem Lyrics

A federal judge found The Source magazine in contempt for violating a court order not to publish alleged “racist lyrics” from a tape made by Eminem in his teen days.

U.S. District Judge Gerard Lynch issued a temporary restraining order in December 2003 barring The Source from publishing any lyrics from the recording. However, in violation of this order, the magazine’s website,, published the full lyrics in a flashy homepage presentation.

In a pair of rulings made public Wednesday, Lynch ordered The Source to pay legal fees to Shady Records Inc., Eminem’s label. However, the judge denied Shady Record’s request to fine the magazine thousands of dollars because the magazine responded quickly to a cease and desist order from Em’s lawyers to remove the lyrics in January.

A lawyer for The Source spoke to the New York Times and defended the magazine’s publication of the lyrics saying, “The Source had every right to publish the material it did release to inform the public about who Eminem is.”


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