Singer/Songwriters Come Together For Modern Troubadours: In The Round Tour

Four singer/songwriters are coming together to pool their talents in a unique format on the Modern Troubadours: In The Round tour. Beginning July 8 in Minneapolis, Teitur, Vienna Teng, Ben Arthur and Abra Moore will take the circular stage as a foursome.

One at a time, each artist will introduce his or her own song, explain where the tune came from, then begin to play. The other three will join in, harmonizing and adding instrumentation. Then it’s the next performer’s turn.

The plan is for each troubadour to perform seven or eight songs, adding up to a 2 1/2 hour show. This tour marks the first time the four have toured together. The Agency Group’s Jordan Burger, who organized the package, said the artists are looking forward to getting to know each other’s music on a more personal level.

They’re also excited about exposing each other to their respective audiences. The current itinerary runs through July 29, and the four plan to stretch the tour into early August.

The singer/songwriters are all touting recent releases. Moore just released Everything Changed, Teng dropped Warm Strangers in February, Arthur’s Edible Darling came out in March, and Teitur is supporting last year’s Poetry & Airplanes.


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