Bootsy Collins, Stereolab & Tortoise Contribute To Moog Soundtrack

Bootsy Collins and Bernie Worrell, Tortoise, Stereolab, Luke Vibert and Money Mark are among the artists contributing new songs to the “Moog” soundtrack, due Sept. 14 from Hollywood Records. The film of the same name chronicles the life of Moog synthesizer creator Bob Moog, revered as a pioneer in the evolution of electronic music.

“The musicians who play our instruments show us what our instruments are capable of,” Moog says. “This CD covers an amazing range of music — music of the sort that has done so much to shape our contemporary culture. To me, this CD is a tribute to all the musicians who have used Moog instruments to express their musical visions.”

The documentary was directed by Hans Fjellestad and shot in Asheville, N.C., London, New York, San Francisco, London and Tokyo. Among the artists appearing in the film include Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, DJ Spooky and Mix Master Mike.

“Moog” will arrive Sept. 17 in a limited U.S. theatrical release. It is expected to hit DVD by Christmas via Plexifilm, which previously issued the Wilco documentary “I am Trying To Break Your Heart.”

Here is the “Moog” track list:

“Abomination,” 33

“Variation One,” Stereolab

“Bob’s Funk,” the Moog Cookbook

“Unavailable Memory,” Meat Beat Manifesto

“Beautiful Love,” Tortoise

“Nanobot Highway,” Money Mark

“I am a Spaceman,” Charlie Clouser

“You Moog Me,” Jean-Jacques Perrey and Luke Vibert

“Sqeeble,” Plastiq Phantom

“The Sentinel,” Psilonaut

“When Bernie Speaks,” Bernie Worrell and Bootsy Collins

“Realistic Source,” Bostich

“Endless Horizon (I Love Bob mix),” Electric Skychurch

“Micro Melodies,” the Album Leaf

“You Have Been Selected,” Pete DeVriese

“Mixed Waste 4.2,” Baiyon

“Another Year Away,” Roger O’Donnell


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