Nikulydin and DJ Tym Ryan Team Up

Nikulydin and DJ Tym Ryan will team up tomorrow evening, Sept 21, at the Phoenix Landing in Central Square, Cambridge MA. The free show starts at 9:30pm and in addition to their own sets, both the DJ and band intend to interlock sets in seamless fashion.

Nikulydin channels the energy & vibe of a Rave into a dynamic live sound and light performance using traditional instrumentation & cutting edge technology. Appropriating the styles of transcendental musical forms from shamanic ritual drumming and Indian Raga to the modern-day likes of psy-trance, jungle and house; the musical message is one of hope and unification directed to an increasingly global, yet spiritually fragmented world.

Spontaneous, organic, and underground, the improvisational processes of Nikulydin distill the essences of Trance, House, and Jungle to their pure and rudimentary forms, utilizing the structures for their vehicular capacity to shake the rump and move the soul. Always in real-time, by real people, melodic loops, sonic tapestries, deep grooves, & hip-shakin’ dance beats create Nikulydin.

Nikulydin is a process: an experiment in sound, light, rhythm and melody. The process creates an improvisational musical and visual experience for those who want to move the body and ease the mind.

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