Disco Biscuits Drummer Sam Altman Leaves The Band

In the below message posted on www.discobiscuits.com, the band has announced drummer Sam Altman has decided to pursue other passions, and will be leaving the Disco Biscuits. His last show with the band will be a New Years Eve performance at The Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

Life, like music, is only meaningful when it is pursued with absolute passion. A band, like any family, must be built on commitment, not only to the goals common to the family, but to the happiness of each individual member. After much soul searching, Sammy [Altman] has decided that it is time for him to pursue a passion in his life other than music, and is going to apply to medical school. So the Professor becomes the Doctor. The band gives its unequivocal support for Sammy’s decision, as we know that it is right for him at this time. So while we will miss turning around and seeing Sammy leave his heart out there every night as he bangs mercilessly on those drums, we are happy that he has made peace with what he wants from his future. We admire him for having the courage to pursue his dreams wherever that may take him, and can only hope that he brings the same dedication and pureness of vision to medicine as he has brought to the music for the last nine years.

The Biscuits will go on. We have been through tough situations before and we have always emerged with a renewed commitment to each other and the music which we make. We will continue to create inspirational, exciting and revolutionary music. Sammy will play the shows which are announced, including Amsterdam, but Hammerstein will most likely be his last show on American soil. We urge you to come out and celebrate the joy which Sammy gave all of us over the years by putting his whole being into keeping us all in time.

The Disco Biscuits

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