Howard Stern Vows Death To The FCC

Shock jock Howard Stern made his latest pitch to drum up support for his switch to satellite radio by giving away hundreds of free Sirius Satellite Radio boomboxes Thursday.

Thousands of fans chanting “Howard! Howard!” under the direction of midriff-baring cheerleaders turned out to get the free goods in Manhattan’s Union Square and hear Stern make his case for listeners to pay for radio.

“This will be dominant form of media because there is no government regulation,” said Stern. “It’s the death of the FCC. They have ruined commercial broadcasting — down with the FCC!”

Stern gave away 500 boombox units and thousands of certificates for free radios from a mobile stage adorned with American flags while Ozzy Osborne’s ‘Crazy Train’ and Rage Against the Machine blared from giant side speakers.

“I want them to experience radio the way it should be,” said Stern. “20 years ago I got into radio and it sucked. I went and I made a different kind of radio and now the FCC is dismantling it. It isn’t right. It’s gonna stop. Satellite radio is the future.”


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