DFA 1979 Hits The Road With Label Mates

With a mixture of hardcore punk, synthesizers, metal riffs, and dance-y noise-rock, Canadian duo Death From Above 1979 have teamed up with some of their label-mates for the Vice Records Tour.

But, the question remains as to why the pair have elephant trunks for noses in a drawing on the eerie cover of their debut album, You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine.

Answer: “We wanted our band to be like an elephant in your living room,” Jesse F. Keeler, DFA 1979 bass/synths player said. “That’s why we gave ourselves trunks.

And with that profound statement, Keeler and his partner, drummer and vocalist Sebastien Grainger, are trekking through North America with label mates the Panthers and Vietnam with dates spanning into early December.

The triple-threat will make several stops in DFA 1979’s homeland including, Quebec, Montreal and Ontario.

Following a break, the band will split from the Vice tour and resume dates in the U.K. scheduled through early February. They’ll end their stay in Britain with two dates at London’s Camden Palace and The Garage.

From there, the deadly duo has some Japan gigs on the books.

During a Canadian stint in October, the two-piece, along with Billy Talent and Metric sold out 12 shows in cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal and others.

DFA 1979 factoid: Besides the rumor claiming the two friends met in prison and now live in a Toronto funeral parlor, the guys apparently had a small run-in with a record label that put a cease and desist on their original name, Death From Above.

After Death From Above Records (aka DFA) – home to Black Dice and LCD Soundsystem – approached the band to change its name, the duo was forced to tack on the

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