Aimee Mann Releasing Concept Album In May

Aimee Mann will release The Forgotten Arm, her fifth album, on May 3rd. The concept album follows the story of a boxer and his girlfriend as they fall in love and road trip across America.

“It takes place in the early Seventies just before the end of the Vietnam War,” Mann told Rolling Stone in September about the disc, which she was then calling King of the Jailhouse after a track of the same name. “There’s two people dating, and the guy gets sent over to Vietnam briefly and comes back and has a drug problem. The last record was about addiction, and this record is about recovery.”

The twelve track sonic “novella” was produced by singer-songwriter Joe Henry. Musically, The Forgotten Arm maintains its Seventies feel with the intersection of warm guitars and keyboards. “Dear John,” the opening track, features a flinty guitar riff and piano is prominent on the lilting “I Can’t Get My Head Around It” and the fragile-sounding “That’s How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart.”

Mann and her band — which includes Sheryl Crow’s guitarist Jeff Trott, Julian Coryell on additional guitar, Jebin Bruni on keyboards, Paul Bryan on bass and drummers Victor Indrizzo and Jay Bellarose – recorded the album in just five days last summer, and Mann composed many of the songs on piano.


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