Dick’s Picks Heads To iTunes

If you got a hankerin’ for some bootleg Grateful Dead, all 33 volumes of Dick’s Picks, the series of concert recordings recorded by fans and traded throughout the Deadhead community, is now available on iTunes.

Along with Dick’s Picks are several unreleased live recordings direct from the band’s famous “Vault.”

Of course, the band probably won’t make any real money from selling the bootlegs on iTunes, if only because most fans already have some, or all of the recordings. However, it’s a chance for those outside the Dead’s dedicated fan base to find out just what all the fuss was about. Expect prices to range anywhere from $18.99 to $30.70, depending on length and quality.

“Despite our reputation for being on the technical cutting edge, we’ve waited awhile to make our music available to our audience digitally because we wanted it to work well,” Grateful Dead spokesman Dennis McNally told Pollstar. “ITunes and our own GDstore.com have satisfied us that now we can sell directly and have our people get what they want.”

Source pollstar.com.

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