Hydra Debuts – Bill Walton Joins Band In Studio

Hydra debuted their new sound this past weekend to packed audiences in Santa Cruz, Sam Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles. The shows featured mostly new material including Stellar Particles, Heart of The Hydra, The Glow, and Luminiferous Ether. The band also included takes on GD classics Fire on the Mountain, GDTRFB, and The Other One, as well as Particle songs Ed & Molly, 7th Gear, and W.

Bill Walton dropped by the studio before the tour hit the road to interview Hydra for his radio program ‘One More Saturday Night’ which will be playing on satellite radio throughout the week. Walton also joined the band on drums for a set during rehearsal

that is scheduled to air later this week during ESPN’s morning program ‘Cold Pizza’. Walton donned a Hydra shirt while banging away on original jams and an instrumental take of ‘Fire on the Moutain’.

The tour picks up in Denver tomorrow at The Paramount Thr.

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