Dissing The Pop – John Mayer To Form Blues Trio

“I’m ready to shake it all up,” John Mayer says of his next studioalbum, Continuum, due in early 2006.

“They are tunes that live on guitar. When it comes out, I may never win a Grammy again, I may never sell a million records again, but the world will get where I’m coming from,” he tells Rolling Stone’s Smoking Section column. “I’m not afraid to lose it all.”

Meanwhile, Mayer has been an in-demand guest for his heroes: He has recorded with Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy for their upcoming albums, and he’ll be performing at Bonnaroo on June 10th with Herbie Hancock’s reunited Seventies funk-jazz group, the Headhunters. The group will play additional gigs on the 8th in St. Louis, on the 9th in Kettering, Ohio, and on the 11th in Memphis.

Mayer is also preparing to flex his new blues-based outfit, the John Mayer Trio, on the road and on a live disc. “I’m gonna go out in the fall with the trio and just play,” he says. “Power-rockin’, electric-guitar, in-your-face blues.”

Source rollingstone.com.

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