College Stundents Remix NYC’s MOMA

Just like DJs who take vinyl records or MP3 files to craft their own compositions, art lovers can now “remix” New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), college professor David Gilbert says.

Gilbert’s communication technologies class at Marymount Manhattan College has created unofficial, often irreverent audio guides to nine MoMA paintings. They’re part of a project on how new technology empowers people to break free of traditional media, in this case the museum’s own guide.

Where else could viewers learn that Jackson Pollock’s “Echo Number 25” sounds like eavesdropping on banter between two college students interspersed with a woman’s orgasmic moans?

The guides are available free of charge on Gilbert’s site ( and can be stored on digital music players like Apple Computer Inc.’s iPod.

“The traditional barriers between organizations and customers, public and in the case of museums, patrons, is coming down,” said Gilbert. The project is part of a larger media trend of users creating programming at home and making it available to anyone with an Internet connection.

Radio, TV and newspaper businesses have taken notice and are now racing to find ways to offer versions of their own.

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