Tupac Bodyguard Testifies at B.I.G. Trial

The head of security for Death Row Records threatened to “get” Notorious B.I.G. in retaliation for the killing of Death Row star Tupac Shakur, Shakur’s former bodyguard testified Wednesday.

Kevin Hackie took the stand saying he feared for his life as a key witness in the federal wrongful death trial. The lawsuit filed by B.I.G.’s family blames the Los Angeles Police Department and city for the rap star’s death.

Hackie, who was an FBI informant while serving as Shakur’s personal bodyguard for three years, said his security boss, Reginald Wright, told him before B.I.G. was killed, “We were going to get those (people) who downed ‘Pac Biggie and his crew.”

California rapper Shakur was gunned down on the Las Vegas Strip six months before his New York rival B.I.G. was shot to death in Los Angeles. The slayings have long been linked in hip-hop lore and news media accounts, though never in court.

Source: yahoo.com

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