Expanded Versions Of Early Stooges Albums Headed For Stores

Expanded versions of the Stooges’ howling, hard-rocking first two albums are headed for record stores on August 16th. Rhino Records’ double-CD deluxe editions of 1969’s The Stooges and 1970’s Fun House will feature the original album plus a bonus CD of demos and rarities.

The bonus disc of the Stooges’ eponymous debut contains alternate takes and mixes of classics like “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” while its Fun House counterpart also includes two songs, “Lost in the Future” and “Slide (Slidin’ the Blues),” that did not appear on the original release.

Formed in 1967, the Stooges were Detroit’s gritty response to what singer Iggy Pop calls the “wockety-wickety-wackety-woo” of the hippie movement. “It didn’t even rock,” he told Rolling Stone in 2003 of the flowery soundtrack to the Summer of Love. “I mean, ‘Marrakesh Express?’ It may be the worst song ever written.”

The Stooges’ noisy anthems resonated with fans looking for a different sound, and later influenced generations of punk and post-punk musicians, such as fellow Detroit denizen Jack White, who wore the digital dots off of his Fun House cassette when he was growing up.

“I played the hell out [that tape], like someone was gonna break in and take my tape deck while I was driving,” the White Stripes frontman writes in the Fun House (Deluxe Edition) liner notes. “I remember screaming in my head, ‘This is Detroit!’ And that’s what Fun House is to me, the very definition of Detroit rock & roll, and by proxy the definitive rock album of America. The record’s passion, attitude, power, emotion and destruction are incalculable.”

Source rollingstone.com.

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