Liz Phair Releasing “Somebody’s Miracle” Oct. 4

Liz Phair has finalized the track list for her fifth album, “Somebody’s Miracle.” As previously reported, the 14-track set will arrive Oct. 4 via Capitol. First single “Everything to Me,” one of the album’s three co-writes with producer John Shanks, will arrive imminently at U.S. radio outlets.

“Somebody’s Miracle” is the follow-up to Phair’s 2003 self-titled effort, which spawned her first crossover hit in the form of “Why Can’t I?,” but alienated longtime fans with its glossy sound and mainstream ambitions.

Phair has not exactly returned to her lo-fi, indie-rock roots; streamlined cuts like “Stars and Planets,” “Giving It All to You” and “Count on My Love” seem primed for pop radio airplay.

But several tracks here should bring a smile to the face of devotees of her 1993 Matador debut, “Exile in Guyville,” and its 1994 follow-up, “Whip-Smart.” “Why I Lie” rides a sexy, Stones-style rock groove, while “Got My Own Thing” lopes along on a detuned riff that recalls the “Guyville” touchstone “Stratford-on-Guy.”

While not as openly sexual as an earlier single like “Supernova,” “Can’t Get Out of What I’m Into” is a similarly fast, fun rocker about a relationship that flies in the face of better judgment. “It gives me something to laugh about / because my real life ain’t f***in’ funny,” she sings.

Fresh off an appearance last weekend at Lollapalooza in her Chicago hometown, Phair kicked off a solo acoustic tour last night (July 26) in Boston and will be on the road through Aug. 19 in San Francisco.

Here is the track list for “Somebody’s Miracle”:

“Leap of Innocence”

“Wind in the Mountain”

“Stars and Planets”

“Somebody’s Miracle”

“Got My Own Thing”

“Count on My Love”

“Lazy Dreamer”

“Everything to Me”

“Can’t Get Out of What I’m Into”

“Table for One”

“Why I Lie”

“Lost Tonight”

“Everything (Between Us)”

“Giving It All to You”


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