Michael Franti Embarking On “I Know I’m Not Alone” Tour

Michael Franti is about to embark on a tour – but not the kind with a band, roadies and instruments. Instead, he’s touring a film.

“I Know I’m Not Alone” is the documentary account of Franti’s recent visits to Iraq and Palestinian territories, in which shared his music with families, doctors, musicians, soldiers and residents.

Franti, who is equal parts activist and entertainer, took along his acoustic guitar and a video camera, recording those he came across who, in turn, revealed to him the often overlooked human cost of war, according to the Web site for the film.

Interwoven are Franti’s stories and songs, creating a visual and musical tribute to the resilience of the human spirit.

“I tell stories through my songs and spoken word, and approached the film in the same way,” Franti writes on theWeb site. “We let the images and music flow together as I re-told the story with voiceover and lyrics inspired from the journey.

“In taking this organic approach, I believe we gave unique insight into what people are facing in the Middle East today.”

A spokeswoman for Franti told Pollstar the film will be shown only at festivals and on college campuses when the tour launches in the fall, in advance of its January release.

Franti will appear at each screening of the film on, which to date hits mainly college towns beginning September 15 at the Griffith Film Theater in Durham, N.C. Other cities include Rohnert Park, Calif., Black Mountain, N.C.; Iowa City, Iowa; Urbana, Ill.; Burlington, Vt.; Toronto and Chico, Calif.

Source pollstar.com.

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