Mother Hips Reunite

The ruthless efficiency of our consumer culture in co-opting anything organic and true is the subject of “Colonized,” one of the first new songs in more than four years from the San Francisco Bay Area’s beloved Mother Hips.

Ironically, for more than a decade the roots-rockers worked overtime trying to market their own music. The industry, for the most part, wasn’t buying. Despite a brief, two-album run with Rick Rubin’s American Recordings in the mid-Nineties, the band toiled for years on the road-warrior circuit, self-releasing two of its five albums and building a fiercely devoted following, one set of ears at a time.

Those ears are now ringing with word of mouth that the Mother Hips are back together after an extended hiatus.

Singer-guitarist Greg Loiacono, co-founder and co-songwriter with his fellow frontman Tim Bluhm, opted out of the group two years ago, leaving Bluhm, drummer John Hofer and bassist Paul Hoaglin to pursue side projects. But now the Mother Hips have officially reunited, with an EP and single due in November on New York-based Camera Records and a spate of West Coast dates beginning October 28th in Santa Barbara. The band also has plans to play New York and other eastern cities in February.

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