Flaming Lips Expand At War With the Mystics

The Flaming Lips’ latest album, “At War With the Mystics,” has been expanded into a two-disc set due Oct. 24 via Warner Bros. The original album will be augmented with the outtakes “Why Does It End?,” “You’ve Got To Hold On,” “Your Face Can Tell the Future,” “The Gold in the Mountain of Our Madness,” “Time Travel?? Yes!!” and a cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Also featured are eight tracks from various live radio sessions, one of which is a blend of Sonic Youth’s “Unmade Bed” and Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter.”

The DVD disc of the new “Mystics” rounds up videos for “Mr. Ambulance Driver,” “The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song” and “The W.A.N.D.,” plus frontman Wayne Coyne’s videotaped 2006 commencement address for his high school alma mater in Oklahoma City.

Source billboard.com.

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