Whoop Moffit English Lager: Batch #34


Ingredient Quantity
John Bull light malt extract 7 lbs
Cascade Hop Pellets – boiling 1 3/4 oz
Cascade Hop Pellets – flavor 1/4 oz
Cascade Hop Pellets – aroma 1/2 oz
Tettnang Hop Pellets – boiling 1/3 oz
Tettnang Hop Pellets – flavor 1/3 oz
Tettnang Hop Pellets – aroma 1/3 oz
Corn Sugar 1 lb
Gypsum 2 tsp
Irish moss 1 tsp
San Francisco liquid lager yeast 1 pkg – 1 pt of water to 1/2 c of light malt extract 3 hours
Priming sugar 5 tbsp/1 tsp – before pitched


specific gravities:

Date Specific Gravity Temp Specific Gravity @ 60
start: 11/28/02 1.054 78 Farenheit 1.056
1st: 12/7/02 1.016 68 Farenheit 1.017
2nd: 12/14/02 1.016 68 Farenheit 1.017

Number Bottled:2 – 5 litre kegs, 12 – 22oz bottles
approx. 5.1%


Combine the malt extract, gypsum and boiling hops with 1 1/2 gallons of water and bring to a boil.

After 40 minutes of vigorous boiling, add the flavor hops and irish moss and continue to boil for 20 more

minutes. Add the aroma hops and corn sugar during the final 2 minutes. Sparge the hot wort into the

fermenter and add cold water to make 5 gallons total. Add yeast and ferment to

completion. Bottle when ready.


This is a medium-bodied beer. I think it came out pretty well. It has good balance given the amount of hops in the recipe. The bitterness of the beer is a nice change after drinking stout all winter. This is a nice beer to drink as you sit on your deck or porch watching the snow melt while you get your bike ready for the trails. One note: The teaspoon of sugar in each keg apparently was too much since they both turned into footballs and I ended up washing my kitchen walls after I tapped one of them (I was more successful with the other keg).

NEXT MONTH: I will be brewing up some hard cider for my autumn enjoyment. I

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