Smoky wisps of reality danced amongst my visions as the sultry summer air comforted me. My eyes fluttered open to a whole new realm where the past was alive and well, and my present troubles faded back into the never. The green canvas of trees around me finally took shape as my senses began to mold themselves to this new existence. Though lost and a little concerned, I submitted my emotions to the freedom of ignorant bliss and let my mind swim in the sea of tranquility that stretched out around it.

First, it was her fingertips. Little electric shocks gently played along my spine as her fingers slowly caressed my shoulders from behind. Soon, the jolts of her fingertips were replaced with the calming warmth of her delicate hands. Her arms soon followed as her hands found their way to my chest, and I was clasped in a tight embrace. I did not want to move nor even breathe in fear of ruining this perfect moment. Her chin rested firmly on my shoulder as her lips spoke magical words to stoke the flames of my heart. My insides remained serene as a pond on a windless day, every inch of my skin seemed to feel alive with an estranged cooling sensation. Heaven had found me with her every touch.

I allowed my head to roll back, letting the side of my face touch the skin of hers. We let our faces remain together; the swelling heat in our cheeks matching the warmth felt deep within our very being. Her grip around me tightened as I brought my hand up slowly and gingerly caressed her other cheek. The sigh that escaped her lips was more enchanting than any musical score performed in my lifetime, no composition will ever match such a sweet symphony.

Like a kitten yearning for attention, she slowly rubbed her face against mine. Her hands freed themselves from one another and continued to encircle my chest. With her chest pressed to my back and our faces touched together, I silently vowed that I may die that moment and feel as though a part of my life had been fulfilled. But the brief moment frozen in paradise would not last, for my eyes yearned to gaze upon the object of my affection.

Slowly turning about, our hands never losing contact, I stopped to face her. Our eyes locked as her fingers slowly danced their promenade along the lengths of my arms. My hands gently grasped her sides as I urged her closer to me. With her legs entwined around my waist and her arms thrown over my shoulders, we peered deep into one another, beyond the small pocket of reality that strained to envelop us. With my arms locked around her, our bodies seemed to sway with the same breeze that rustled the leaves of the trees above. But our eyes… our eyes never lost their ambition to stare well past the realm of existence.

Her brilliant green eyes bedazzled me. A hypnotic lull washed over me as I became fixated on the perfect sparkling emeralds that looked at me longingly. Never had I felt so desired, and never had I felt the same in return. To be part of a truly reciprocal love was so overwhelming, for I had never felt such a strong pull on my emotions. And as I looked into her eyes, I could only hope that she could feel at least a small portion of the exhilarating joy that coursed through the fabric of my soul.

The warmth of her hands found sanctuary on the back of my neck as our bodies squirmed closer and pressed together. The hair above our foreheads lightly brushed one another as our faces were mere inches apart… our eyes never breaking away from one another. With one arm embracing her tightly, my free hand seemed to travel of its own accord. My fingers gently traversed the length of her platinum blond locks, finally securing themselves on the back of her head.

Our eyes looked to one another’s lips and back again as I felt the pull of her arms on the back of my neck drawing me closer. With the seismic rhythm of my heart beating ever faster, I tempted anticipation a bit longer as I slowly pulled her head closer to me. Time crawled to a stop around us as our heads slowly turned a bit, our eyes seeking some unknown signal from one another to set this perfect union in motion. I could feel the heat from her breath get warmer as our eyes reluctantly closed.

Ever so slowly, the sides of our noses brushed against one another as my lips slightly trembled at the feeling of our life’s energy slowly breaking one another’s plane. But, as the feel of her lips was about to reach mine, reality began to unravel around me. The warmth of her body, the feel of her skin on mine, was gone in an instant as her angelic form reduced to wisps of translucent mist. The green of the trees darkened and faded to an inky blackness that consumed my senses. The sweet fragrance of her hair and skin was removed as the gentle breeze cascading about me slowed to a stop.

With my heart still racing and my arms stretched out, I gazed into the emptiness before me, yearning to feel her body next to mine. Cold droplets of sweat dotted my forehead as my breathing labored under the emotional strain of losing requited love.

With my bedclothes strewn about and the darkened familiarity of my bedroom slowly taking shape before me, I send myself crashing back into my pillows to stare up at the ceiling.

A blank white ceiling. Blank and dull like the hollow void in my heart that gets torn and stretched wider with every passing dream of her. Parched from the dryness of disappointment, eyes pooling up with tears, I silently wish for myself to depart from this reality, so that I may remember what that kiss tastes like once again.

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