Weizenbier Review: Batch #36

This installment of the Brewers Corner is a follow-up review of the Weizenbier I brewed back in April for my summer enjoyment. This came in at about 5% alcohol, and with a touch of lemon proved to be a nice, summer sipping treat during those hot afternoons


Ingredient Quantity
John Bull 55/45 wheat malt extract 7 lbs
Hallertau hops (boiling) 1 oz
Corn Sugar 1 lb
Irish moss 1 tsp
Gypsum 3 tsp
White Labs Hefeweizen yeast 1 pkg – 1 pt of water to 1/4 c of light malt extract 4 hours
Ginger Root 1 oz before pitched
Black Licorice stick 0.7 oz
Priming sugar 3/4 cup


specific gravities:

Date Specific Gravity Temp Specific Gravity @ 60
Start: 3/29/03 1.048 76 Farenheit 1.050
1st: 4/5/03 1.012 68 Farenheit 1.013
2nd: 4/14/03 1.012 70 Farenheit 1.013

Number Bottled: 16 – 22 oz bottles, 15 – 12 oz bottles, % of alc by vol. approx. 4.9%


Add the wheat malt extract, hops, and gypsum to 1 1/2 gallons of cold water and boil for 1 hour. Add the ginger, licorice, and irish moss during the final 15 minutes of boiling, and the corn sugar during the final 2 minutes. Sparge the hot wort into 3 1/2 gallons of cold water in the fermenter. Add yeast when cool.



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