Why is it that most digital audio fans continue to listen to their digital music through the tiny, low-quality speakers that come with their computer? Most of these speakers have sound quality that is no better than a clock radio. So digital music fans are usually forced to burn their digital music to a CD in order to listen to it in high-fidelity on their stereo system.

My Music Works, a New Hampshire based company, hopes to change all that. Their product the PC Audio Wire picks up where most other computer audio cables leave off. It allows any computer with a line-out jack to connect to any stereo with a standard RCA connection, at distances up to 50 feet, with no discernable signal loss.

There has never really been an easy, high-quality solution for connecting your stereo to your PC. Your options were basically direct cabling or wireless. Direct cabling is the most reliable and affordable of the two options. However, there is typically signal loss if the cable is too long. Most people have their PC in a different room than their stereo system so they need a cable that is longer than a few feet.

Wireless solutions have entered the market over the past couple of years and can transmit a signal for up to 300 feet. However, the technology is still in its infancy, requires purchasing pricey hardware and because most wireless systems transmit at 900 mHz, cordless telephones can cause interference and noise.

The PC Audio Wire combines the reliability and quality of direct cabling with the longer transmission distances of wireless. It comes in lengths of 25 and 50 feet and it is absolutely the easiest and most cost effective option for computer audio cables on the market today and works with any computer that has a line out sound port. The PC Audio Wire will work with any home stereo system or boom box that has standard RCA inputs and it works on both the PC and the Mac. It literally takes less than 1 minute to connect your stereo to your PC using this cable and the sound quality is great.

Another great feature of the PC Audio Wire is that it can be reversed to send your music from your stereo to your computer. Simply plug the RCA connectors into the line-out jacks on your stereo and move the computer end of the cable from the line-out jack to the line-in jack on your soundcard and you’re ready to go. This is great for converting old vinyl records or even audio tapes to a digital format.

For more information about the PC Audio Wire, visit them on the web at www.pcaudiowire.com.

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